The Magic Carpet Adventure

This is the first program in the series and tells the story of a little dancer who goes through an enchanted doorway on a wonderful dance adventure.

Flying through the air on a magic carpet, this exciting dance adventure takes you on a visit to a large palace where you see a genie, look into a magic pond full of jewels and much more.

The CD is in 3 parts.

The 1st part starts with the “Here we go. Lets dance dance dance” introduction song followed by the Enchanted Doorway “key and door” section. This is a prelude to the adventure and is used on all of adventures in the series.

Once through the doorway you begin the Magic Carpet Adventure, a narrated story with dance instructions, music, ambiance and sound effects.

The story ends by going back through the enchanted doorway, putting your keys away and then saying farewell to your fellow dance adventurers while the “Here we go” song plays you back to the reality of the classroom.

The 2nd part is made up of the music tracks as separate pieces of music. These can be used for practice purposes if required.

Finally the 3rd part is another version of the same story. This time it has minimal narration and no instruction should the teacher wish to elaborate or create their own elements in the story.

Each dance or story idea has been given a CD track number / audio file. This makes it very easy to stop, repeat a section or jump to another part of the story.

All of this is comes complete with instructions for the dances and ideas on how to use the program.

Purchasing Options

Each Adventure can be purchased in one of two packaging options:

Option 1: Music in mp3 audio files, Teaching Manual PDF file, Golden Key image JPEG file – all immediately downloadable after purchase.

Option 2: The contents of Option 1 with the addition of: props associated with the particular Adventure, music on audio CD, and printed/bound Teaching Manual – shipped after purchase.

Contents of props for Magic Carpet Adventure (if purchased):

10 – Golden keys

10 – Silk scarves