What can Enchanted Doorway Adventures do for your school?

Here are what some Teachers are saying:

Just wanted to let you know that the class is a huge success. The children are having a ball and learning so much. The parents love to stay and watch and give me rave reviews. I now have a waiting list to get into the class.

Julie Ann

Teacher, La Quinta, CA

Thank you for creating a pathway of curriculum not only fun and imaginative for the young dancer but also brilliant for the instructor.
I presented the Enchanted Doorway and First Steps to my faculty and dancers when I returned from the intensive this summer.  They were so blown away with how it is such a building block for the performance awards. I have incorporated these two new programs into my studio and I am so impressed with the response. 

Colleen Rogers & Bernadette Campbell

Directors, Buford School of Ballet, Buford, GA

I came home so excited after your workshop that I immediately tried the Enchanted Doorway. My students love to touch the props, and hear the music as if they were really there. Thank you so much for making my job fun and exciting with this program.

Rachel Tan

Teacher, Northern California

I am writing to you to thank you for creating such an outstanding program for young dancers. I recently began to implement “The Enchanted Doorway” into my children’s classes and I am having great success with it. I am so looking forward to getting additional information on the other programs listed as “coming soon” in the packet. I am sure they are all wonderful.
Take care and thank you again.

Amy S. Lowe

Owner/Director, Performing Arts Center of Tallahassee

  • “I was amazed especially from the movement experiences, which were given at the workshop.”
  • “A wonderful workshop, enriching and knowledgeable. Merle gives them with sensitivity and clarity.”
  • “I was amazed by the innovative knowledge.”
  • “It was very interesting to see how to teach small children uncomplicated and enlightening programs.”
  • “It was very nice and important for me to connect with the simple experiences of movement, which I haven’t had in a long time.”
  • “A most interesting experience and workshop… the instructions were clear and simple. The character of the subjects and experiences performed were fascinating and interesting to me. Many thanks.”
The above are a few quotes from feedback sessions