The Toy Shop Adventure

Creep through the magic doorway and find yourself in a shopping mall with a trail of hearts leading to Aubrey Elf’s Toy Shop.
After following the trail and singing the “Knocking  Song”,  Aubrey Elf invites you into the toy shop. There you get to play with all the toys; balloons, trampolines, roller-blades, marching soldiers, dancing dolls and more.

This CD is in two parts.

Part 1
The first part of the CD is the complete, narrated story with sound effects and music. Like the previouse adventures, this begins with the “key and door” introduction, goes on to the body of the story and then ends by going back through the door to where you began. The CD is tracked at all the relevant points for easy navigation should you wish to skip or repeat a part of the story.


Part 2
These are the separate music tracks without the narration and sound effects if you want to just practice the exercise only.

The CD has track numbers / audio files for easy navigation.

All of this is comes complete with instructions for the dances and ideas on how to use the program.


Purchasing Options

Each Adventure can be purchased in one of two packaging options:

Option 1: Music in mp3 audio files, Teaching Manual PDF file, Golden Key image JPEG file – all immediately downloadable after purchase.

Option 2: The contents of Option 1 with the addition of: props associated with the particular Adventure, music on audio CD, and printed/bound Teaching Manual – shipped after purchase.

Contents of props for Toy Shop Adventure (if purchased):

10 – Golden keys
10 – Hearts
10 – Rainbow ribbons